In 2014, AWP Certifications launched, and introduced the first of a series of certification programs for construction professionals seeking formal training and accreditation in Advanced Work Packaging and/or WorkFace Planning. 

AWP Certifications is a non-profit organization is directed by a board of industry advisors from the areas of

  • Project ownership
  • Construction contracting
  • Engineering contracting
  • Post-secondary education; and from
  • Industry associations

AWP Certifications is an independent non-profit entity that approves and recognizes qualified AWP & WFP training providers. Group ASI, Inc and Ascension Systems, Inc are fully-recognized by AWP Certifications as a qualified training provider. We fully support the ongoing advancement of the AWP & WFP body of knowledge and believe that formal certification is required to meet the increasing industry demand for qualified and experienced AWP & WFP planners.

How it works

The AWP certification programs create a standard certification process for WorkFace Planners and Advanced Work Packagers in construction (primarily within the domain of energy / oil and gas).

The WorkFace Planning Professional certification program aims to establish the benchmark for required training, previous experience and demonstrated knowledge to qualify for certification as a WorkFace Planning Professional (WFPP). There are two phases to WFPP certification:

WFPP (in training) requirements:

  • Journeyman Tradesperson (must provide a copy of current trade certification with application)
  • Minimum of three years of experience in a supervisory role. This experience must be at foreman level (minimum), and the candidate must provide proof in the form of a letter from the employer.
  • 40 hours of AWP and / or WFP training from a recognized training provider
  • Safety leadership training course

WFPP requirements:

  • All WFPP (in training) requirements
  • Two years (24 months) of documented experience in a WorkFace Planning role
  • A minimum score of 70% on the WFPP certification exam

Click here to see the WFPP certification flow diagram. For more information, please visit

The Advanced Work Packaging Professional certification is intended for the graduates of universities, colleges, or technical institutes working in the construction and engineering industries.

The credential is primarily focused on those individuals that work on the front end projects on processes such as the creation, release, monitor and control and close out of Engineering Work Packages (EWP), Construction Work Packages (CWP), and early development of Installation Work Packages (IWP) providing early construction input and assisting in the development of Path of Construction.

Individuals with this credential could also create, release, monitor and control and close out IWP in the field.

The AWP certification process is currently in development. Click here for more detail about this upcoming process or visit for information.

Recognized training

Ascension Systems has the best-recognized and most accredited AWP & WFP training programs available to the industry today. We've put through the most learners and our courses are developed and delivered by the most experienced trainers. Our training courses meet all of the requirements for AWP certification - what more is there to say? Here are our current offerings:

Classroom-based, instructor-led training:

We currently offer a five-day, PMI, CII, Gold Seal and AWP Certifications accredited classroom-based training course for those interested in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Workface Planning (WFP) and / or those seeking certification. Click here for more information.

Online, self-paced training:

We also offer a suite of accredited online training courses for any one interested in AWP & WFP. We have courses tailored specifically to project stakeholder groups, from the owner to the engineer, to the constructor and the skilled trades. Click here for more information.

Attention CLAC learners: if you are a member or signatory of the Christian Labor Association of Canada (CLAC), funding may be available for our online or classroom courses. Please contact contacting

Custom training:

We can develop and deliver training courses to meet your specific project or organizational requirements. Contact us for more information.