Our classroom-based Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning training courses and workshops are accredited by major construction industry and project management institutions, and they meet or exceed the requirements for official certification by AWP Certifications, the official certifying body for Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning. Click here to learn more about certification.

WorkFace Planning Professionals is the first-ever WorkFace Planning certificate track, and was introduced in January 2015. We currently offer WFP training, valid toward certification. To new learners, we recommend our five-day program, while those with prior training may want to check out our one-day certification prep course. See below for details.

Advanced Work Packaging Professionals will be the industry's first-ever Advanced Work Packaging certificate, scheduled for introduction in 2017. We will offer an AWP certification program when that certification becomes available. Please contact us for information.

WorkFace Planning Professionals Certification Course

This information-packed five-day (40 hour) training course is designed to prepare construction professionals for WFP certification, and serves as the ideal platform for learning about WorkFace Planning while developing and practicing skills immediately applicable to real-world projects. This course was developed around the Construction Industry Institute's (CII) Advanced Work Packaging official best practices and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta's (COAA) WorkFace Planning model.

In our classrooms, unparalleled subject matter expertise, technology, and a fun, engaging approach combine for a rich, effective learning experience - all at a price point that makes our courses the very best value for your AWP & WFP training dollar. 

Course outline and specifications

AWP WFP Body of Knowledge Training

Title – Advanced Work Packaging & WorkFace Planning for Improved Project Performance
Length – 5 days (40 hours); available as one-week course or as one-day modules (five modules in total)
Min. class size – 8 students | Max. class size – 15 students
Prerequisites –  Prior construction experience; working knowledge of construction topics such as estimation, engineering and construction methodologies.
Valid for certification? – Yes

This course is designed to give learners a clear understanding of fundamental concepts and key elements of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning, while providing in-depth, practical knowledge around work package creation and execution and great detail about the AWP & WFP planners' roles on the project and within the enterprise. In an interactive group workshop setting, learners will get nuts-and-bolts information that they can immediately apply to their work. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to articulate the requirements of an AWP & WFP system and will be able to create and execute work packages effectively using AWP & WFP principles. The AWP & WFP body of knowledge is supported by extensive research and the documentation provided in this course includes tools, scorecards, flowcharts, templates, implementation guides and case studies.

Five days of learning: get trained in one week, or learn modularly (on your schedule)

There are two options for accessing this training course:

  1. You can take the whole 40-hour course in one week (Monday through Friday); or
  2. You can take one module at a time, and schedule yourself in for a module whenever it is available and fits your schedule. There are 5 modules in total, and the modules are each 1 day in length. 

Topics covered in this course

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a model that encompasses the entire project lifecycle, and is comprised of two major phases: The Front-end Planning (FEP) phase and the WorkFace Planning (WFP) phase. The FEP phase covers project setup and detailed engineering and emphasizes the development of engineering work packages (EWP) and construction work packages (CWP). WFP covers the construction, commissioning and start-up phases and focuses on the development of small, manageable, constraint-satisfied installation work packages (IWP) to be executed at the construction site. It's about getting the right things to the right people at the right time and place so that work crews can perform safe, effective and efficient work. Over 5 days of training, you'll receive a practical education in understanding, interpreting and applying these concepts and much, much more. 

Module One (One Day) | Advanced Work Packaging: The Essentials of the AWP Body of Knowledge

  • The AWP Body of Knowledge
  • AWP Stakeholders
  • Integration and Alignment
  • Technology: Chunking the Project, Determining Path of Construction and Confirming Constraint Satisfaction

Module Two (One Day) | FEP Essentials: Understanding Changes to Engineering & Procurement for Front-end Planning

  • Engineering and Procurement Alignment
  • Interactive Planning
  • Path of Construction (POC)
  • Work Packaging (EWP, CWP)
  • Technology: Zooming in on Engineering and Performing Visualization

Module Three (One Day) | FEP in Detail: The Elements Required to Support Effective WorkFace Planning

  • Contracting Strategies and Contract Language
  • Securing Buy-in
  • Schedule Development
  • Construction Readiness
  • Technology: Breaking Down the Project; Setting up the CWPs

Module Four (One Day) | WFP Essentials: The WorkFace Planning Model Explained

  • The WFP Model
  • WorkFace Planning Systems Development
  • Constraint Satisfaction
  • Installation Work Package (IWP) Creation and Execution (Small-scale Build Exercise)
  • Technology: From CWP to IWP; Work Steps; IWP Generation and Tracking

Module Five (One Day) | WFP in Detail

  • WorkFace Planning Support
  • Managing Recalls
  • Site Materials Management
  • Project Controls
  • Document Controls
  • Technology: Scheduling Tools; Build Simulators; What-if Scenarios
  • Certification Exam Prep

Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning Essentials

In this two-day introduction to the essentials of AWP & WFP, you’ll learn about the stakeholders affected by AWP & WFP in a project or corporate environment, and you’ll get a clear view of critical AWP & WFP concepts, including Path of Construction, engineering and construction work packages, contracting strategies and language, securing buy-in, schedule development, construction readiness, installation work packages, constraint satisfaction, managing at-site construction execution issues (such as package recalls) and much more. 

Course Outline and Specifications

Title – Advanced Work Packaging & WorkFace Planning Essentials
Length – 2 days (16 hours)
Min. class size – 10 students | Max. class size – 25 students
Prerequisites –  Prior construction experience; working knowledge of construction topics such as estimation, engineering and construction methodologies.
Valid for certification? – Not currently

Topics covered in this workshop

Day One:

  • Introduction to the Advanced Work Packaging Body of Knowledge
  • AWP Processes, Systems and Tools
  • AWP Stakeholders
  • What the Owner is Looking For, What the Contractor Wants
  • Integration and Alignment

Day Two:

  • Introduction to the WorkFace Planning Model
  • Effect on Disciplines / Aligning Multiple Disciplines
  • WorkFace Planning Systems Development
  • Installation Work Package (IWP) Creation
  • Constraint Satisfaction
  • Software to Support Work Packaging

WorkFace Planning Professionals One-day Certification Prep

Do you have 4 days (32 hours) of prior WorkFace Planning training? You may be eligible to complete your training requirement for certification purposes with our new 1-day preparation course. Click here for more information about WFPP Certification.

WorkFace Planning Certification Preparation Training

Course outline and specifications

Length – 1 day (8 hours) | Min. class size – 10 students | Max. class size – 50 students
Prerequisites –  Construction supervision experience; journeyman trades person, prior AWP / WFP training (preferably 32-hour / 4-day course)
Valid for certification? – Yes

Whether you are currently on the projects as a WorkFace Planner or are pursuing future WFP roles, formal training in this discipline is recommended and required for certification. WFP training has been offered in Alberta and internationally since 2006, and while many construction professionals such as you now have some training hours, it is likely that you will not immediately meet the 40-hour training requirement. 

We have developed this one-day course to address the needs of those with prior training that would like an update on the AWP & WFP models and require additional training hours.

In this condensed but info-packed day, you will be brought completely up-to-speed on the current state of the AWP & WFP best practices and the official industry certification, and you'll be prepared to proceed with the WorkFace Planning Professionals certification process. 

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