The AWP Conference 2018 Free Webinar: COAA AWP Committee - Resource Readiness for AWP

At the AWP Conference 2018, COAA AWP Committee chairs present a special topic: Resource Readiness for AWP. This session will focus on discussion of how to prepare the required engineering, procurement, equipment and labor resources / deliverables in an AWP environment. Join us for this live, free webinar in which you will get a preview of this plenary presentation along with the opportunity to virtually meet our expert panelists and ask your AWP-related questions. Join Glen Warren and Yogesh Srivastava (for the COAA AWP Committee) in an online conversation that will help define this concept and provide you with some context prior to the breakout session in Houston, Texas this October 2 & 3. We encourage you to join us for this webinar and bring your AWP questions.


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