Advancing Alberta Projects with AWP: The Advanced Work Packaging Summit

Group ASI – organizer of the world’s only dedicated annual AWP and WFP conferences for over a decade – brings together the first major AWP forum for the COAA owner and contracting community since 2013. The AWP Summit is a one-day knowledge-sharing event. In five plenary sessions developed and presented by 35+ industry SMEs (including a 12-member owner advisory board led by Suncor), you will hear the owners’ AWP expectations and learn how to: align key stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, determine AWP metrics and data requirements and improve project procurement. You will also learn about a successful AWP project from a member of the owner’s project management team.

This is a tremendous learning and networking opportunity with an anticipated audience of 250 members of industry from Canada and the United States.

In this free webinar, hear from AWP Summit panel team leads and special guest presenters on the topics and themes they will cover on the main stage. Get more information and register now at

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Group ASI Presents: AWP for Improved Project Performance | January 2017

This is the first installment of the Group ASI (Ascension Systems, Inc) Advanced Work Packaging & WorkFace Planning (AWP & WFP) webinar series, originally presented January 2017. This webinar was developed with the AWP beginner in mind. If you know very little about AWP & WFP, or if this concept is completely new to you, this webinar will introduce the core concepts and address some key questions about this project management system.