We provide expert AWP & WFP implementation support for owners, engineers and constructors at all phases of the project - from concept to commissioning. This can mean different things for different organizations and projects.

Effective implementation of AWP & WFP ideally spans the full project lifecycle and involves pre-assessments and pre-qualification activities.

This is followed by the design and development of systems, processes and procedures based on the AWP body of knowledge and recommended practices, but unique to the project's specific requirements and challenges.

Targeted training for all project stakeholders (from ownership to the field) is absolutely critical to effective implementation, as is ongoing monitoring of the systems' effectiveness on the project through timely third-party audits and assessments.

Develop and execute your systems

We can help design, develop and implement AWP & WFP systems for new projects or we can help bring a project back on track mid-lifecycle. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Contract language
  • Contractor alignment
  • Readiness assessments
  • Developing or refining AWP & WFP systems
  • Integration of multiple systems

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Train your people

Developing and implementing a strong AWP & WFP system is an investment that will return the greatest results with effective, targeted training within your company and among project stakeholders, including all contractors and vendors. Group ASI provides the high-quality training that you need to get your AWP & WFP initiatives off the ground. Our training approach and our materials are based on the official research and actual project case studies. Our courses evolve in parallel with the body of knowledge, and our instructors have real-world experience and practical knowledge.

Our training services include:

  • Public instructor-led training courses
  • Private and/or customized instructor-led training courses
  • Custom courses, workshops or seminars (such as a program to communicate AWP-related project requirements to incoming contractors, or a workshop specifically tailored to the engineering group, for example)
  • Awareness-level online training courses

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Monitor, assess and adjust your systems

Audits and assessments can be conducted from project concept to completion, and are intended to measure AWP & WFP compliance. The goal is to determine whether the people, policies, and procedures necessary to effectively implement your systems (including determining whether all constraints have been satisfied prior to releasing work to the construction crews) are in place.

Assessments can be provided to both the owner(s) and contractor(s) as required (based on the contract length, project scope / requirements and AWP body of knowledge recommendations). 

We can help! We have the in-house tools and expertise to provide audits and assess your systems.

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