The AWP & WFP experts at ASI partner with a world-class instructional multimedia development group and a leading learning management host to provide the online training courses that are among the best available to the construction industry today. Ready now or anytime, we offer a suite of awareness-level WorkFace Planning courses, an in-depth WFP Fundamentals course, and a high-level executive briefing. 

Available courses

WFP Fundamentals

WorkFace Planning Fundamentals Online Training

WFP Fundamentals is an approximately 2.5-hour overview of WFP, with an introduction to the history, purpose, process, people and stakeholders of WFP.

This course won’t make you an expert in WFP, but it will give you the information that you need to start learning more about it and start using it on your projects.

USD $300 per learner

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Awareness (suite)

WorkFace Planning Awareness Online Training

Our WFP Awareness suite includes courses specifically tailored to key project stakeholder groups:

  • Skilled tradespeople
  • Construction contractors
  • Engineering contractors
  • Project owners

Learn the key WFP concepts on your own time, at your own pace.

USD $75 per course/learner

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Executive Briefing

WorkFace Planning Online Executive Briefing

This is an introduction to WFP for owner-executives and senior management. This is a condensed version of Awareness, with a special focus on the history and the benefits of WorkFace Planning. This short briefing will help prepare you for our Awareness or Fundamentals courses and is a great, quick refresher if you are already familiar with basic WFP concepts.

Just five US dollars!

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